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Hand Made Chocolates



“A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands”


Nothing can prepare the senses for the experience of opening a freshly wrapped box of our handmade chocolate pralines. The intense fragrance of the worlds finest Belgian chocolate is sheer delight, paired with the mesmerising sheen of coloured cocoa butters. You just know you are in for a treat!


Creating a great product requires great ingredients, which is why we only use the finest quality Belgian chocolate.

Cocoa is an ancient commodity and was first harvested by the Maya Indians around 600 AD. It is a delicate and sensitive crop which requires high temperatures and high rainfall to grow, accompanied by tall rainforest trees to shelter it from too much sunlight and wind damage. Because the cocoa tree demands this type of climate, it can only flourish in a narrow band of countries 20 degrees north and south of the equator.

Chocolate commands the utmost attention & respect during every step of its production, and working with it in our kitchen is no exception.

All of our chocolates are handmade with love! From the hand decorated crisp outer shells, to the silky smooth nut butters and ganache fillings which await you.


Chocolate is a wonderfully versatile ingredient and the perfect host for a whole variety of flavour profiles. Some of our favourite handmade pralines include; Strawberry & white chocolate, Salted caramel, Orange & stem ginger, Maple & pecan, Javan coffee and Peanut butter.

Our chocolate boxes make a great gift for any special occasion. Each box contains 10 handmade pralines and are made to order. We also offer smaller chocolate boxes containing 4 pralines which are perfect for wedding favours.

  • Gift boxes - £10 each

  • Wedding favours - £5 each

  • Easter eggs - £20 each

Our hand made Easter eggs are available seasonally. Each one is hand decorated with coloured cocoa butters and contains a variety of our signature pralines. They are available in a choice of white, milk or bitter-sweet chocolate.


If you require any further information regarding our chocolates or how to go about placing an order, please enquire using the email link below.