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“A toast to love, laughter and happily ever after“


Traditional Sugared Almonds

Wedding favours are a small gift given to guests as a token of appreciation from the newly married couple on their wedding day.

Many centuries ago bridal parties would give their guests a sugar cube as a wedding favour, over time these were substituted for almonds coated in sugar. It is traditional to give five sugared almonds, meaning; health, wealth, fertility, happiness and long life.

The sugared almonds come in organza bags (a colour of your choice, with ribbon tie) and an ‘eat me’ tag. The almonds are a mix of pastel colours. £1.95 per guest.


Our handmade chocolate pralines are also available in small boxes which are perfect for wedding favours. We offer a wide variety of delicious flavours, all packaged in vintage floral boxes with ribbon and handmade personalised tags.


For more information about our wedding favours or how to place an order please contact us using the email link below.